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Pre-Purchase Report Kerry, Cork, Waterford, Tipperary and Limerick.


We are a Property Certification and Engineering Company based in Cork, we provide Pre-Purchase Surveys, House Surveys, Structural Surveys, and Building Surveys to those who are purchasing a new or secondhand property.

A Pre-Purchase Report is used to establish an accurate survey of the state of a property. It shows issues that can affect the sale or any potential re-sale or re-mortgage down the line. It is the means of ensuring your house or building meets your expectations and that you can buy at a fair price and avoid the costs of rectification after.

A Pre-Purchase Report is normally completed when a purchaser is ready to put a bid on a house or commercial property. A Snag List is more appropriate for those purchasing a new dwelling where the builder is present to complete snags. We can normally complete a Pre-Purchase Report inspection within 1 to 5 days notice and have the report issued within 3 working days. The inside, outside and the attic spaces of the property are inspected.

The most important function of a Pre-Purchase Report is to notify the potential purchaser of any structural movement, damp, or presence of timber defects that may exist. Some of the other items that can be included are (where applicable and accessible):

septic tank & percolation area
water supply, location, mains control
roof structure, flashing’s, gutters, down pipes
smoke detectors
water cisterns/pipes condition & insulation
electrical installation
energy efficiency and improvements/upgrades
fire escape and child-lock windows
radon extraction
heating controls, timers and running costs
boiler rated efficiency where available
ventilation, air conditioning, mould and smoke escape
security and alarms
attic conversions present
garage and sheds
fire risk from adjacent garage
– walls, floors, ceilings, stairs, doors, windows checked

Why a Pre-Purchase Survey
– trained in construction and building defects
– an experienced housing inspector
– knowledgeable of Building Regulations – experienced in Planning Permission
– able to prioritise faults

When a pre-purchase survey finds issues at a property, the vendor may offer to either rectify these issues at their expense, or discount the asking price, or both. Such items may include the vendor applying for Planning Permission to retain unauthorised construction, fixing heating systems, fixing blocked sewers.

A PrePurchase Survey is a detailed internal and external inspection of a property, residential or commercial, to assess its condition and to determine whether there are any defects present which could potentially have a substantial cost implication to repair.

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